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Our Story

        Ed and Dee married in the winter of 1980 and the adventure began.  Ed started a construction business and Dee was a Cosmetologist   in a beauty salon with her Mother and six other hairdressers. One thing led to another and one day Ed took a 1950 Desoto for partial payment on a job he was doing.  Ed and Dee spent the next few months restoring the old car back to its original 1950’s classic look.  After completion of the car, naturally they wanted to find some old car memorabilia from the 50’s to go along with the Desoto.  They started searching flea markets; antique malls and anywhere else they might find gas or auto related items.  Little did they know they were having the time of their lives and learning and creating a real passion for other types of antiques.

         After several back surgeries Ed was hoping and praying for some way to get out of construction and get into something a little easier on his back.  Then some property came up for auction on highway 641. On his way to work one day in 1997, Ed told Dee that if she would go buy a piece of that property he would build her an antique mall.  Guess what, she did and he did. Now over two decades later Ed and Dee are still having the time of their lives.

         They designed and built a mall like they would enjoy visiting.   The Antique business has created a wealth of gifts Ed and Dee never expected, in the way of customers, dealers and staff that have become as close as family.  Every person that comes in the door has a story and since day one they have laughed, cried and been left in total amazement by the fine people that have come into Twin Lakes Antique Mall.   Ed and Dee both never want to retire, they just want to be propped up at the counter at Twin Lakes Antique Mall and watch the world go by until their final days.

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